Edexcel Gcse Drama Unit 3 Assignment Brief

Unit 3 is your practical examination, worth 40 per cent of your total drama course mark.

This Revision Bite will give you the low-down on the options you can choose, and what will be expected of you.

What's Unit 3 about? The options

Unit 3 is your chance to shine like a star, and show off your true acting capabilities as a performer. Or if you'd prefer, you can demonstrate your design skills behind the scenes, perhaps by working on costume or lighting.

Your options

  • Option a: Devised performance
  • Option b: Scripted performance
  • Option c: A combination of the above
  • Option d: Performance support

Note that Unit 3 is assessed by an external examiner. You will have only one chance to perform, so rehearsing beforehand is a must.

NB - this content refers to the Edexcel [Edexcel: One of the examining boards which set out what you study during your course. If you're not sure which examining board you use, ask your teacher. ] examination - if you're not sure which exam board you study, ask your teacher.

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BTEC Firsts in Performing Arts

Can I get a breakdown of marks for unit 1: Individual Showcase?

You can request a copy of the examiner mark sheet (Learner Record Sheet) in lieu of ATS. This gives you a breakdown of the total mark between the 3 marking grids. It does not provide annotations/comments from the examiner.

A photocopy of the examiner notes sheet is available for free by requesting ATSC via Edexcel Online. The deadline for this service is 4 October 2017.

I have just received my learners' results and I am unhappy with them. What can I do?

You can:

  • Re-enter your learners for the unit in the 2017/2018 academic year
  • Request a clerical review (EAR1)
  • Request a review of marking (EAR2).

When can the learners resit unit 1 for NQF BTEC Firsts in Performing Arts?

The next assessment for Unit 1 NQF BTEC First in Performing Arts will be Summer 2018; learners will be required to use the new externally set task, which will be released in September 2017.

When can the learners resit unit 8: Performing Arts Industry for NQF BTEC First Certificate, Extended Certificate or Diploma in Performing Arts?

Learners can resit unit 8 at any time. 

How many times can they resit?

At the moment students can resit an external unit as many times as they wish. 

I want my students to resit units 1 or 8; how do I do this if I have claimed certification?

Where a certification claim has been made for an NQF BTEC qualification, but the learner wants to resit an externally assessed unit to improve their grade, you firstly need to decline their overall qualification grade. You may decline the grade before the certificate is issued; for a learner receiving their results in August, you should decline the grade by emailing the request to examsofficers@pearson.com before the end of September if the learner intends to resit an external assessment.

After certification, learners who want to reject the grade(s) achieved must make a request to decline the grade(s) through their centre. These requests need to be made within five weeks of the certification issue date. You'll need to return all certification documentation to us, along with a covering letter explaining why the grade(s) should be declined.

We'll process all requests that we receive within five weeks of the certification issue date free of charge. If you make a request after that, we can only accept it while the learner registration and programme approval is still valid and we will charge a duplicate certificate fee.

What support is available to me?

The Lead Examiner report will be available on the qualification page on results day.

There will be feedback events in the autumn term. 

Book a place on a BTEC First Performing Arts training event.

To allow time for EAR services for the externally assessed components of the qualification, certificates will be sent at the same time as GCE/GCSE certificates, to arrive in centres before 31 October.


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