Csc148 Assignment Of Mortgage


Here are some general guidelines which you must follow for all assignments. Read these carefully before starting each one:

  • Start early. At any point you can read any assignment handout to figure out what you’re supposed to do, even if you have no clue how to do it.
  • You may not import any Python modules unless explicitly told to do so.
  • Submissions are done on MarkUs. If you haven’t used MarkUs before, give yourself plenty of time to figure it out, and ask for help if you need it! “I didn’t know how to use MarkUs” is not a valid excuse for submitting late work.
  • You may work individually or with a partner. Your partner may be from any section.
  • Your team may use any number of remaining grace tokens to extend the deadline for this assignment. Review the grace token policy in the course syllabus.
  • Your grade will be based on automated tests and manual grading for design, style, and documentation. A marking scheme will be posted before the due date.
  • Remark requests are due one week after grades and feedback are released. See the course syllabus for details about remark policies.

Assignment handouts (check back later)

Assignment 1, due Saturday October 14 before 10pm.

Assignment 2, due Saturday December 2 before 10pm.

For course-related questions, please contact

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