Faculty Interview Essay

Faculty Interview - Dr. Ata Sarajedini For the faculty interview I chose my astronomy professor Dr. Ata Sarajedini, who is also an associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Professor Ata was the very first teacher I had at the University of Florida, and in the first class I realized he was a very welcoming and relatable educator. When we I discovered we had to interview one of our teachers, I knew right away I would interview him. Something that I think is noteworthy is that before the interview, as we were walking to his office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we had a five minute talk about the basic information. Where I was from, my major, what attracted me to UF, and why I took astronomy were the major talking points during the walk. Due to this, transitioning into the interview was much smoother and less awkward than I was expecting. This took off some of the inevitable pressure that came with these interviews, which was very helpful in hindsight. Going into the actual interview, I selected four questions from the list provided on Sakai, which I asked first, and then three I created myself. I opened with what he likes most and least about teaching, which I felt was an appropriate first question. He answered that the best part is being interactive with

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